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What is Wodify Live?


Ever host events at your gym? Now you can streamline the entire process with Wodify Live, our event management platform that makes planning in-gym seminars, certification courses, and social functions fast and easy.  


  • Build exciting events quickly. Wodify Live covers everything from ticketing and registration to promotion and payments. With Wodify Live’s proven step-by-step process, building events that create lifelong memories takes minutes.


  • Painless planning and promotion. Easily spread the word about your event with a unique webpage and URL. Share it and participants can register, buy tickets and sign their waivers from anywhere.


  • Affordable pricing. Wodify Live is free to use for free events, and U.S. customers can pass costs to ticket buyers. When you host an event with Wodify Live, nothing comes out of your pocket.


A convenient, hassle-free alternative for event hosting. Wodify Live is event management software that does it all. Is the best solution for creating amazing events quickly, easily and affordable.

Start building your next event with Wodify Live now.  


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